Wholesale trade in commercial tenders

  • Our main product is kiln dried firewood packed in net bags with UV protection and wooden crates.
  • Professional kiln drying process ensures moisture content of 15-20 % and high quality of the firewood in 4-5 days.
  • We work with every client individually, thus, ensuring high quality of our services and giving the opportunity to make the best solution for both of us.

Why choose our firewood?

      • Our high quality kiln dried logs are perfect for immediate burning in stoves. The benefits of kiln dried wood are considerable: generates greater heat output, better fuel efficiency, more economical, minimum stove and flue problems.
      • Our firewood is kiln dried and has approximate content moisture of 15 percent which means that all our firewood is safe from decay and fungi damage.
      • Our firewood is dried in modern computerized drying chambers. We can control the process in order to get the desired content moisture.
      • Mainly we produce birch firewood which belongs to the first group of wood species according to its calorific value.
      • Variety of packing possibilities available: 20 litres net bags, 40 litres net bags, 60 litres net bags, loose loads in 1RM or 2RM wooden containers and more.
      • 25 cm, 30 cm, 55 cm length of logs are available (or by your request).

Why choose our company?

      • We offer high quality service – we serve our customers needs in a timely and efficient manner. We organize delivery from door to door.

      • We put our customers’ needs at the heart of business – just share your ideas with us and we are ready to fulfil them.

      • We are always open to new and long lasting business partnerships

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* Prices do not include transportations costs to your delivery place.

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